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Search Engine Marketing in Poland (Chart)

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In order to enumerate the revenue of Google Poland coming from a single search, it has been assumed that the concern holds 97,4% of shares in the Polish search engine market (the source: The total number of searches in August 2010 mounted to 2664 mln (the source:, which gives 2,595 mln searches in Google Poland monthly.

97,4% x 2 664 mln = 2 595 mln


According to Puls Biznesu the revenues of Google Poland in 2010 reached 700 mln PLN. Just for the sake of calculation we have assumed that if 1/3 of the expenditures for the classified ads in search engines in 2010 was spent in contextual nets (source:, then the spendings for the campaigns that show on the sites in search results must have constituted 2/3 of the whole amount. Knowing the number of searches in Google Poland per month, we are able to calculate the revenue achieved with a single search.

[(700 mln x 2/3) / 12] / 2595 mln = 0,01498608 [PLN] ≈ 1,5 [gr]

This is the approximate result, however it allows to illustrate the search engine revenue, deriving from providing the user with the answer to the enquiry he or she has made.

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Search Engine Marketing in Poland (Chart)

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