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Search Engine Journal Requests the Pleasure of Your Company… #Pubcon

Search Engine Journal Requests the Pleasure of Your Company… #Pubcon

Months (ok days) ago, when the Search Engine Journal team got together to brainstorm ideas for Pubcon, we decided we wanted to make SEJ’s booth in the Exhibit Hall a happy place for attendees and speakers.

We envisioned a small “lounge” space where folks can socialize, relax, take a load off. We’d outfit it with a couple benches, maybe a folding table (going all! out!). And we wouldn’t pitch or sell anything.

So what else would +1 ‘happy happy joy joy’ in our little oasis? Hmmm…

SEJ PAYGRIP Open bar creative

Thanks to our sponsor Paygrip, SEJ is pleased to host a Happy Hour open bar in our Exhibit Hall booth on Wednesday 10/23, from 1-3pm.

This is open to all Pubcon attendees with badges. Note there will be water and sodas as well if you are looking to hydrate or get a little caffeine in your system!

SEJ’s booth will also feature:

  • A video studio.  Throughout the show we’ll be interviewing speakers and other experts. Footage will go up on our SEJ YouTube channel, as well as in articles.
  • Our crew. Managing Editor John Rampton, Deputy Editor Murray Newlands, founder Loren Baker, project manager Jessica Cromwell, Alpha Brand Media (SEJ publisher) partners Brent Csutoras and Jenise Henrikson will be manning the booth.

Drop by to see who’s on-camera, or just to meet the team!

Pubcon Exhibit Hall hours: 10/23-24, 9:45am to 3:30pmPubcon Exhibit Hall hours: 10/23-24, 9:45am to 3:30pm
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Jenise Uehara Henrikson

CEO at Alpha Brand Media

Jenise is the CEO of Alpha Brand Media, home of Search Engine Journal. Based in the San Francisco bay area, ...

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