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Search Engine Industry Job Search – JobsInSearch

Search Engine Industry Job Search – JobsInSearch officially launched today as a specialist job site for the Search Engine Industry. The site features job vacancies with companies who provide Search Engine related Products and Services. By only advertising jobs that are related to the Search Engine industry, Jobs In Search offers a targeted service for job seekers and recruiters.

“Niche job sites like have a lot to offer as they provide cost effective job postings to a targeted job seeker audience. Therefore job applicants are more likely to have the type of industry skills and experience required for a position,” explained the founder of Jobs In Search, Mike Taylor.

“From talking to employers and recruiters in the UK and the US it became clear that identifying where to advertise online to attract job seekers with specific skills was often a challenge.”

“Now, through the launch of Jobs In Search, we are able to offer a job site for advertising vacancies to people already working in, or interested in working in, the search engine industry. You really can’t get more targeted than that!”

The new site has been well received by search engine industry experts. Mike Grehan, who was nominated this month as one of the top 100 influential people in e-commerce in the past 10 years, and author of the best selling book “Search Engine Marketing – The essential best practice guide” commented: “It’s a fantastic idea to have an international job site for the search marketing industry. And Jobs In Search is just that. It’s just a shame it wasn’t MY idea!”

Taylor recognises that Jobs In Search will never have the volume of jobs as compared to the larger, generic job sites. However, he is confident that there will be a much better match between the jobs advertised on the site and the number of applicants qualified for the positions.

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Search Engine Industry Job Search – JobsInSearch

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