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Search Engine Friendly Design : SES Chicago

Search Engine Friendly Design : SES Chicago

Detlev Johnson of Search Return hosted this session, and its speaker Shari Thurow, on the basics of search engine design and optimization.

This is a must-attend session for businesses entering the search engine marketing world or those intending to redesign a site or enter the SEO market.

Search engine friendly design takes elements of search engine optimization and incorporates them into the design process.

Shari introduces herself and her background at Grantastic Designs.

Shari reviews the types of web pages which rank well, and those which do not; along with sites which attract links – and those which don’t. Additionally, what is and what is not search engine friendly design along with essentials of SEO and how to implement them into the site.

What is NOT a search engine friendly design?

* A site which is not designed specifically for SEO
* Doorway pages are NOT SEO friendly

A user friendly web design which can easily be found on both the crawler based and human based search engines (directories).

Importance of Site Design:

* Design for primary audience, which is end users
* Then secondary audience, the search engines
* How words, graphics and media files are arranged on a web page will have major influence on search rankings

5 Basic Rules of Web Design:

1. Easy to read
2. Easy to navigate
3. Easy to find
4. Consistent in layout & design
5 Quick to download


Quick to download? Shari quotes a friend from Yahoo : “The majority of a webpage should download in 30 seconds or less on a 56K modem.”

Easy to Find

* On search engines, directories and industry related sites (and blogs)
* Go directly to most relevant page
* Find info or call to action in less than 7 clicks (I would say less than 3 or 4)
* Keep most important information above the fold
* Contact information : give people a way to find out who you are (don’t forget this info in About US)

How do Search Engines Work?

What do search engines do? They all work on the basic fundamentals of:

* Indexing text : User language and lingo must be used on the page, not just sales copy.
* Following links : Put together a user experience based navigational system.
* Measuring popularity : 3rd party sites linking to and talking about your business, local listings, directory listings.

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Search Engine Friendly Design : SES Chicago

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