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Search Engine for Economists – Nutch Powered

Search Engine for Economists – Nutch Powered

Tara at ResearchBuzz has a nice little write up on a new search engine launched by Resources for Economists. RFE, a categorized list of Economics Resources has a search engine housed at which is powered by the Nutch open sourced search engine project.

Tara notes “The ESE (Economics Search Engine) uses Nutch to index 300,000 pages from 10,000 economics sites around the Internet. Materials indexed include text, PDF, and Microsoft Word files.

I did a search for Greenspan and got about 1000 results, which list title, snippet, and URL (the snippets are pretty short.) For the most part the materials seem pretty economics-oriented, but there’s a couple of oddities in there.”

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Search Engine for Economists – Nutch Powered

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