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Search Engine Blogs – The Great List of Search News Bloggers

Search Engine Blogs – The Great List of Search News Bloggers

One aspect of keeping up an updated Search Engine News site is the constant monitoring of RSS feeds, news stories, group emails, and, of course, blogs. Tonight I was skimming over Aaron Wall’s (a frequent contributor to Search Engine Journal) blog,

Aaron recently updated his working list of Search Engine Blogs and I thought it that publishing the list on Search Engine Journal would be a great tribute to Aaron’s hard work, and the hard work of all of the bloggers out there who are spreading the ever-changing news of the search engine industry.

Here is Aaron’s list of most of the SEO Blogs and Search Engine Blogs on the Internet. If you know of an SEO Blog or Search Engine Blog that Aaron is missing from this list, just add it as a comment below.

Currently my list of SEO Blogs is only in English due to my lack of fluidity (is that a word) in other languages.

About Websearch – has had a couple popular editors in their WebSearch position. Recently it seems as though they have not been putting out as much cool info though.

John Battelle’s SearchBlog – a well rounded view of the evolution and impact of search and technology. John Battelle eat sleeps and breathes search.

Bazac Blog – Daniel Bazac is a fan of serch who writes his commentary on the subject. He has had a few of his articles syndicated on many websites. A couple of these blogs were found via his list of blogs here.

BeSpacific Search Engine Category – covers web search in general. More focused on the technology vice optimization side of it.

Tim Bray has a blog which covers many fields including an extremely opinionated view of search. He is one of the people who truely seems to understand the web.

Burdon of Truth – Art Saturn has an interesting blog which covers the history and DNA of search.

BPWrap – Barry Welford covers current Internet Marketing issues usually from a different perspective.

Creative Confusion – Craig Wilson reviews some of the SEO techniques he is currently using as well as other news within the SEO and web development landscape. Craig’s blog has a good amount of UK focus.

ChriSEO – is not so much a classic blog, as it is a source for random fun articles about the search field. Chris Ridings is one of the most knowledgeable SEO’s in the industry, and owner of SearchGuild. He does not update ChriSEO too often, but it is always fun when he does.

Cr8PC is a usability and search engine marketing blog by Kim of cre8site forums.

Daily Rundown – Sid Yadav is a web professional who updates his blog more than a couple times a day. His blog includes classical up-to-date info on Search Engines, Internet, Marketing, Companies, His Life and basically anything “techy”.

DocuTicker – Gary Price’s blog about interesting research, reports, whitepapers and whatnot.

Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch’s blog. Real world small business marketing tips, tactics, and resources from a 20 year marketing pro.

Google’s Official Blog – yup, they got one.

Google Blogscope – Philipp Lenssen’s blog about search and the web.

Google Fan – created by Rob of

H2 SEO – Michael Hudson’s SEO blog.

Internet Marketing Blog – John Scott’s blog about internet marketing, with his own fun and sometimes slightly offensive twists to it.

Internet News Gwen Harris writes an opinionated blog discussing search engines and other large internet interests.

James Trotta’s blog – discusses his personal experiences with SEO.

Jill Whalen Exposed – typically only uses her blog for occassional search engine optimization tests. Jill is a well known “white hat” SEO.

Jon Payne – A friend who has been in SEO about as long as me who recently started up his own SEO blog.

Marketing Wonk – probably the best marketing blog on the web. Collaborative effort.

Nielson Tech Blog – Christian Nielson is a smaller, independant search engine marketer who believes strongly that search engine optimization provides a far greater ROI than paid search. His words are those of a man looking out for the small guy.

ODP Weblog – blog maintained by an ODP editor to help other editors (and regular web junkies like me) keep up with the latest happenings with the ODP.

Pandia Blog Per and Susanne Koch have ran a long time search engine marketing hotspot. They give their coverage of most of the major search engine news here.

Pebody’s Cre8tive Flow – collaborative blog from members of the Cre8asite forums.

Peter Bradley – blog which covers many of the interesting aspects of online research.

Precommerce Blog – Craig Danuloff’s blog on search and the internet. He takes a lengthy gander at some of ironic details and provides commentary which makes you wonder & sometimes explains why they exist.

Research Buzz – search blog about every interesting angle of search. Not really an SEO, but a true fan of search. Tara Calishain has co authored multiple books about search engines.

Resource Shelf – Gary Price’s in depth look at the different faces of information retrieval.

Reverse Direct Marketing – David Berkowitz’s search engine marketing blog.

Rob Frankel – what appears to be a personal rant blog by my favorite branding expert.

Robin Good’s Sharewood Tidings is a great resource for any type of online researcher. Three thumbs up 🙂

Search Engine Genie Blog – SEO blog by the SEO Genie team.

SE Roundtable is a colaborative effort led by Barry Schwartz which has a representitive from most of the major SEO forums.

InfoThought is Seth Finkelstein’s blog covering internet censorship, which is frequently a topic closely related to search engines.

SEO2Go is the blog from SearchEngineWriting by SEO veteran Detlev Johnson and copywriter Heather Lloyd-Martin. This blog seems to link to some fairly useful articles.

SEO Book – amazing SEO blog – which also covers many other aspects of search engines and internet marketing. What a wonderful site. Oh wait, Aaron Wall is me and perhaps this review is a bit biased. 😉

SEO Scoop – Donna Fontenot’s SEO Blog. She is a moderator at SEO Chat.

Sage Rock Sage Lewis provides more of a corporate look at search engines as they apply within the overal internet marketing field.

Search Engine Blog – Peter Da Vanzo has to be one of the funniest search engine marketers in the world. He provides extremely witty commentary.

Search Engine Lowdown – Andy Beal is Vice President of Search Marketing for He adds a funny twist on and keeps his ear to the ground on search engine news. Once I gave him a hard time in the past, but he has been rather fair about it. If I think I may have missed any of the big news I usually glance at his blog real quick.

Search Engine News Blog – Kalena Jordan is one of the original search engine blog writers. Her blog checks takes a good look at search daily.

Search Engine Visiblity Report is edited by Merrick Lozano, who keeps a business like look and feel to his blog. Many of his posts are loger than the average blog. More of a comentary vice punchy type of blog.

Search Engine Watch Blog – Blog by Danny Sullivan, Gary Price and crew. Offers links into some of the interesting research and documents Gary finds as well as links to many of the articles and posts at Search Engine Watch.

SearchGuild Blog is a blog kept by Chris Ridings and many other SearchGuild moderators.

Serge Thibodeau is the owner of RankforSales. He reports the news as it is, but does not seem to add much flair to it or offer real helpful in depth tips.

Step Fourth Blog – Jim Hedger offers his daily search engine comentary. His blog does have some original SEO content that goes with its search focus.

Text Link Brokers – newer community driven blog from one of the top text link brokers on the market.
ThreadWatch – Nick W has a community driven blog which looks at some of the seedier and more interesting threads in various search related forums.

Top 25 Web – software programming, SEO, and perl coding blog.

TopRank Online Marketing Blog – Lee Odden’s marketing blog where he points to many of the major search news stories.

Traffick – Andrew Goodman is the moderator of the Isearch discussion list. His blog is generally more concerned with pay per click angle, and the major effects of search and portal changes on the web as a whole.

Unofficial Google Fan Club – Andy Hagan’s blog about Google news.

WebSage is currently a rather plain looking newer blog which tends to cover a couple of the more interesting aspects of how search interacts with society in the big picture.

Yahoo! Search Blog – official blog about Yahoo! Search.

Jeremy Zawodny is a current Yahoo! employee who occasionally posts a coment or two on Yahoo! Search and web search in general. The main focus of his blog is his own life, Linux, Perl, Open Source…

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Search Engine Blogs – The Great List of Search News Bloggers

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