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Search Engine Blog Awards To Be Announced Wednesday December 20th

Search Engine Blog Awards To Be Announced Wednesday December 20th

Search Engine Blog Awards To Be Announced Wednesday December 20th

The reader voting for the 2005 Search Engine Blog Awards is finished and the Search Engine Journal will be announcing the awared winners tomorrow, Wednesday December 20th. I was originally planning on announcing the awards winners yesterday, but due to the logistics of booking an International flight from Tokyo (Narita) to Baltimore, MD on North West Airlines and the nightmare of connecting in Detroit leaves me with the reality of hellish jet lag and catching up with the rest of the world.

The flight yesterday (well actually two days ago when you count hours) left Narita Japan and after 20 hours of buses, check in, waiting, flying, three horrible Disney movies, not sleeping a wink, rushing through immigration and customs at Detroit, sprinting from gate A-46 to gate A-11at the North West terminal, arriving in Baltimore, finding out that luggage was either delayed or lost, hanging around BWI until 9 pm checking incoming luggage from different North West Airlines flights, filing luggaage claims, driving 2 hours to family’s house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and getting 3 hours of sleep before delivery service brought luggage (which consisted of mostly Christmas presents purchased in Japan) at 4:30 am, not to mention the culture shock of being back in the good ol’ USA again… I’m having to delay the awards announcements.

No fear however, we received a nice amount of votes for the 2005 Search Blog Awards and some amazing coverage and feedback from the search community. I am very excited about the success of the competition and announcing the blogs which were voted as favorites by our readers and the search engine world. For the rest of the day, we will be highlighting some posts of our favorite blogs, catching up on sleep, and convincing my family that after living for 6 months in Japan again it is nearly impossible to digest meals consisting of steaks, cheese, potatoes and chili.

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