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Seamlessly Integrating SEO For Product Launches [Podcast]


There are many things to consider when launching a new product. But there are ways of getting everything ready and popping the cork in Google once you go live.

HubSpot’s Aja Frost & Justin Champion joined me on the SEJShow to discuss the role of SEO in product launches, how its seamless integration helped HubSpot’s launch of CMS Free, and how your company can incorporate these learnings into your next launch, expansion, or growth initiative.

I think the best way to understand what someone is looking for is to look at the SERP and then ask yourself what the format and meaning of the content ranking are and how you match that. –Aja Frost, [17:20]

It has free web hosts and free SSL, so when you’re thinking about launching a website that the cool thing is that you can have a sales arm and a marketing arm that fits right into your CMS. –Justin Champion, [04:21]

I like taking a hybrid approach from time to time because the SERPs themselves are constantly changing. So putting all of your eggs in one search intent basket may work for a shorter period but can come back to bite you in the end. –Loren Baker, [17:35]

[00:00] – How Aja & Justin got started in SEO & HubSpot.
[02:46] – What is HubSpot’s CMS Free?
[05:01] – Unique SEO plays that are incorporated into this rollout.
[07:54] – How easy is it to get stakeholders’ buy-in?
[15:24] – How do you handle informational vs. transactional intent queries?
[19:15] – A walkthrough of pre-launch pages.
[26:09] – Were the launch pages made indexable and included in XML?
[27:07] – The Nike strategy.
[29:26] – How to improve the value of pages linking to launch pages.
[32:20] – What else can SEO professionals do to improve relationships?
[38:27] – How to incentivize user-generated content.
[45:56] – Thoughts on ads to a landing page & organic discovery.
[53:53] – Final tips on the linking & SEO side.

Resources mentioned:
CMS Hub Free Web Hosting:

We find much more value in investing in relationships so that when something happens where a page comes out, we can tap into resources and build inbound links quickly. –Justin Champion, [22:37]

I would urge anyone listening to this who ranks both in ads and an organic listing for one query to map the relationship between spend and click-through rate. –Aja Frost, [46:46]

I have so many conversations with SEOs that have gotten into this practice within the past five or six years and are afraid almost to do anything that’s link-building oriented, like “Break The Rules,” like whose rules? I don’t know! –Loren Baker, [36:22]

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HubSpot’s Director of English Growth, Aja Frost, channels her inner rock star to ensure the company reaches the right audiences with organic search strategies. Author of Work-From-Home-Hacks and former head of content SEO, she also shares her tips on working remotely successfully.

Justin Champion is an expert in the field of link building, with years of experience that can help you grow your business. As HubSpot’s Head of Link Building, an instructor for higher education, and the author of Inbound Content, he knows what it takes to find the most effective strategies.

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Seamlessly Integrating SEO For Product Launches [Podcast]

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