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Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog Interviewed by Lee Odden

Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog Interviewed by Lee Odden

Lee Odden of TopRank has interviewed MyBlogLog’s CEO Scott Rafer about the success of MyBlogLog and how it feels to be the newest delivery to the Yahoo Social Media family.

Here’s a snippet from Interview with MyBlogLog CEO Scott Rafer

I understand MyBloglog Will be part of the Yahoo Developer Network. Does that mean MBL will integrate with any other Yahoo social media services?

We’ve pulled in Flickr pix and will do all we can to keep integrating. Check out for a prototype widget. He blogged about it. We’re running hither and yon in the company, where people have been incredibly welcoming, to offer information and our help.

What efforts are you making to keep spam out of MBL?

One doesn’t share the details of these things in order to avoid road mapping for that crowd. However, we are continually active trying to remove the incentives to spam without ruining the system for more sincere users. It’s a battle of inches that never ends.

Read the whole interview on the Online Marketing Blog

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Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog Interviewed by Lee Odden

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