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Scientific SEO : Manual vs. Automated

Scientific SEO : Manual vs. Automated

One of the best things I ever learned in the navy was troubleshooting and half splitting problems into smaller possible problems. I recently did a bit of microspamming stuff to see what would get nailed and what would not, although I have only tested like 0.0000001% of the market. I want to start focusing more of my efforts on learning how to become a scientific SEO.

I have not built a ton of for profit sites yet, but the likes of Andy Hagans and a few of my other friends have been wearing me down into becoming more of a blog overlord / many for profit site owner.

There are really two main ways to do SEO:

* Manually: Create world class content that is published frequently.
* Automated: Buy and/or build sites that look good to search algorithms and search reviewers even if they are a bit automated.

People tend to dismiss the word automation as meaning it has to be spam, but I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people like Mikkel talk about how many of the most popular websites are heavily automated.

Google, Google News, Digg, and Memeorandum are a few of the many automated sites I generate on a daily basis. I also think it is pretty hypocritical for those creating automated websites to push the image of automation as being associated with spam.

I guess the ultimate goal to create a money printing machine would be to create content that is:

* useful and value added (needs to pass the Turing Test and be citation, bookmark, and subscription worthy)
* unique (so duplicate content filters do not catch it)
* profitable
* nearly 100% automated

I am pretty much starting from scratch on the above autogen idea, but friends have left me tips here and there. I hired a cool programmer who is working away at creating value added websites. It should be fun.

In some areas I am partnered with friends who are all about making money, but as much as anything I want to watch and understand how search evolves on many levels. You really can’t be a true scientific SEO unless you have some automated content you are working with.

Aaron Wall, Search Marketing / SEO Coverage and Rants – Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine marketers in the business and he has channeled his thoughts and expertise into his widely popular eBook, SEObook.

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Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall, Search Marketing / SEO Coverage and Rants – Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine ...

Scientific SEO : Manual vs. Automated

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