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Google Voice’s Newest Celebrity Client: Santa Claus

Ever since Google retired their Goog 411 service, they’ve been promising that their voice team is pursuing enticing new avenues. One of them seems to be tracking down celebrity clients to promote their service, including one of special note: Santa Claus himself.

As reported on the official Google Blog, Santa has picked up a Google Voice number for all the good little girls and boys to call. That number is 855-34-SANTA, but don’t expect to reach Mr. Claus directly — this is a very busy time of year for him. However, your kids can still leave a message.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Santa can actually return the call, thanks to the Google Voice powered site “Send Me a Call From Santa.” Here you can put together a message for your little ones by entering your name and relationship to the child, their name, a nickname, their favorite food, and what role they’ve done an especially good job of filling this year. The options are very broad, with your relationship ranging from “parent” to “wingman,” favorite food ranging from “extra rare steak” to “vegan cupcakes,” and the little one’s role ranging from “kindergartner” to “dragon slayer.”

Your selected recipient will then receive the message by phone (or, if you prefer, receive a link to the message via email). Santa will even use all the information you provided to personalize the message. Additionally, the call or email goes out as if it was from your phone number or email account, making them screening it a little less likely.

It’s good to see that Santa, after all he’s contributed to giving, has finally gotten something for himself — a Google voice subscription that, Google reminds us when we finish sending the message, provides him with online voicemail, cheap calling rates, and a single number that he can use for all his business and personal needs.

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Google Voice’s Newest Celebrity Client: Santa Claus

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