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Saddam Hussein Execution : Internet & Wikipedia Coverage

Former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, is expected to be executed within the day as punishment for crimes against humanity after being convicted by the Iraq Special Tribunal in November.

Politics and death penalty arguments aside, this is a ground breaking global event and is currently under smack dab in the middle of the radar on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and other news channels.

I’ve found the Wikipedia page on Saddam Hussein to be of interest, as it seems that if one refreshes the page every 15 minutes or so, some of the information changes, as editors and Wikipedia users are adding to the page as news comes out over the major wire services.

Wikipedia has marked this page the following:

* This article documents a current event.
* This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.
* The neutrality of this article is disputed.

With all of the arguments and debate going on over the current trustworthiness of Wikipedia information, and the plans to launch Wikiasari, the Wikipedia oriented search engine – monitoring the Saddam page on Wikipedia is a case study in progress.

Other ‘real time search engine’ sources of monitoring Saddam news:

* Technorati : Saddam Hussein

* Google News

Sphere : Saddam Hussein

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Saddam Hussein Execution : Internet & Wikipedia Coverage

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