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Rumor: Yahoo Purchasing Technorati?

Rumor: Yahoo Purchasing Technorati?

Public Relations guru B.L. Ochman apparently has the inside track with some Internet power houses as she spills the beans that Technorati is under the acquisition radar of some of the net’s largest search engines. Even better, the deal may have already been made as BL posts on “Technorati About to Be Sold.”

“Here’s a tip I was given this morning from a venture capitalist who is “heavily invested” in the blogosphere: Technorati is about to be sold to a large search engine company. The deal should go down in about a week. My bet is on Yahoo! Where’s yours?” BL wrote on her WhatsNextBlog.

Yahoo or Google picking up Technorati? Makes sense because both engines are a bit behind in blog and RSS search while Technorati is a forefather of the blogosphere and has a loyal following. There was no posting on Dave Sifry’s blog, Sifry’s Alerts, but having known BL for a while I’ll give her inside info the benefit of the doubt and open this thread to thoughts on the rumor that Yahoo (or another large search engine) may be purchasing Technorati. Your thoughts?

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Rumor: Yahoo Purchasing Technorati?

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