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RSS Use Increasing Says Slashdot

RSS Use Increasing Says Slashdot

RSS Use Increasing Says Slashdot

Slashdot commissioned a survey of readers of its RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feed to determine just how its readers are using RSS technology now and detect future plans and platforms for accessing content via RSS. While most of the tech blog’s readers acquire their Slashdot RSS feed from the site directly, some RSS users rely on RSS aggregators, such as Yahoo! or Feedster, to streamline content and deliver only the information they request right to their desktop from a range of sources.

RSS feeds deliver the most recent headlines sorted by publication or source and offer a range of customizable delivery options according to the recipient’s preferences. With the proliferation of blogs, wikis, and podcasts, as well as the thousands of online newspaper, magazine, trade, and corporate sites, more and more Web users are turning to RSS feeds as a way to manage the information they receive on a daily basis.

As one of the first sites to provide RSS feeds, and the second most popular feed from Feedster, Slashdot’s audience of RSS early-adopters provides a snapshot of RSS trends and planned usage.

Survey highlights include:

-73% will increase their use of RSS feeds in the next year.
-Most users received their feeds through a Web-based RSS syndication service but many users do not use traditional methods to read their feeds, instead relying on mobile and other devices to obtain their feeds.
-Receiving feeds through mobile units such as cell phones, SMS messaging, voice mail, WAP or portable audio players will increase.
-Technology will improve as RSS use increases, making RSS feeds easier for users to read and for publishers to deliver.

Jeff Bates, co-founder of Slashdot noted, “This is the first RSS survey to reveal new possibilities as RSS technology gains more footing. Our user community looks to us to provide information and guidance on the most cutting-edge technology for their work. As we rely on RSS to streamline our content more efficiently for our users, we are also examining new ways to enable marketers to tap into RSS as a vehicle for audience outreach and acquisition.”

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RSS Use Increasing Says Slashdot

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