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RocketNews Search Engine Adds Personalization

RocketNews Search Engine Adds Personalization

The RocketNews current news and weblog search engine has been enhanced with the addition of personalization features. RocketNews is a technology showcase operated by Rocketinfo Inc., a supplier of real-time news and competitive intelligence software to corporations, governments and professional service firms.

Visitors to the new RocketNews will discover three new and innovative personalization features:

* Personal News Portal – Visitors will be able to click on “My RocketNews Portal” to view the results of their most recent searches, constantly updated and conveniently presented in a “personal news portal” format.

* Saved searches – Each time a visitor creates a search on RocketNews it will be added to “My Searches.” Any time the visitor returns to the site he or she will be able to re-execute the search with a single click and view the latest news matching their search criteria.

* Relevance Tracking – RocketNews tracks the articles visitors click to read, and these individual choices are used to determine the relevance and ranking of search results every time the individual returns to RocketNews to view their searches or their personal news portal.

“Personalization features have been embedded in our corporate solutions for some time,” said Rocketinfo CEO Gary Campbell. “News searchers typically track a few issues and repeat their queries on a daily or more frequent basis.” Campbell added, “We believe RocketNews is the best news search engine on the web and that these innovations will give people an even faster and more efficient way to find the news that is relevant to them.”

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RocketNews Search Engine Adds Personalization

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