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RocketInfo Launches Desktop News Search Application

RocketInfo Launches Desktop News Search Application

RocketInfo Launches Desktop News Search Application

Rocketinfo Inc. quietly released a desktop news search tool, the Rocket Desktop 1.1 yesterday which Rocket reports as being a first. The Rocket Desktop (available for BETA download from is a lightweight application that provides a convenient way to search for the latest news from the thousands of sources in the Rocketinfo news database (which contains over 16,000 current news sources, including national and city newspapers, specialty publications, newswires, trade journals and interest- and industry-specific websites.)

According to Rocketinfo CTO and Founder Rick VanWell: “The Rocket Desktop advances our leadership in developing technology that gives unparalleled access to current news.” VanWell added that “online news consumption continues to grow, and we see huge demand for the instant access to timely, relevant news provided by the Rocket Desktop. We will also be aggressively developing partnership opportunities based on private-label versions of this application.”

The Rocket Desktop gives users the ability to create and save searches for up-to-the-minute news from today, the past week or the past month. Results include the article title and a brief excerpt, and articles can be viewed in their entirety and emailed or bookmarked with a single click. Results are sorted using Rocketinfo Ranking technology to ensure end-user accuracy and relevance.

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