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Rocket News Updates Its RSS Reader with New Features

Rocket launched their Java based RSS reader a couple of months ago. Here’s our ResourceShelf post from 3/9/04. Yesterday, the Canadian company announced a couple of new features.

What’s New

+ Rocket RSS Channl Directory – The company has developed a Directory of RSS Channels and has been busy categorizing and organizing thousands of RSS & Atom newsfeeds. Using the Rocket RSS Channels Directory is simple – click on the Channels button on the top toolbar and navigate through the categories to find & add interesting feeds to your account.

+ Enhanced Channel Search Functionality – You can also Search for RSS feeds using the Rocket RSS Reader. Click on the Search button on the top toolbar and enter your search terms in the text box to find RSS channels (from the 70,000+ sources in the database) that include your search terms in the channel name, channel URL or channel description.

+ Create RocketNews RSS Channels – Click on the Create button on the top toolbar to build your own RSS Channel with search results from the award-winning RocketNews current news search engine.

Btw, the Rocket News database now aggregates (and makes searchable) content from more than 11,000 sources. Google News searches about 4500 sources. Yahoo News about 7000.


Gary Price is the Editor of ResourceShelf and a librarian, information research consultant, and writer based in suburban Washington D.C.

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Rocket News Updates Its RSS Reader with New Features

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