Don’t Get Burned: How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency

Don’t Get Burned: How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency

Wednesday, February 21 at 2:00 PM Eastern
Nicole DeLeon
Presented By

Nicole DeLeon

Owner and Lead Strategist,
North Star Inbound
Andrea Pretorian
Presented By

Andrea Pretorian

Senior Creative Strategist,
North Star Inbound
Brent Csutoras
Moderated By

Brent Csutoras

Search Engine Journal

Everyone likes to talk the big talk about things like “transparency” and “communication,” but how many times have those same people burned you?

The world of link building can be a dirty place, and it feels like we’ve heard it all. Ghosting, deception, spammy “quality,” zero follow-through – you name it, we’ve seen it.

You know you need help link building, but how do you sort through who’s legit and who’s not?

You need to know what specifically to ask and look out for, and you need a concrete plan to align your link building partner with your needs – and keep them on track. You need to be able to see past the platitudes and read into the telling details.

Take it from us: you’re entitled to ask for more from your link building agency.

Join North Star Inbound’s Nicole DeLeon and Andrea Pretorian to chat through their link building agency stories – both the horrors and successes – and ask them anything in the ultimate agency Q&A.

In this sponsored webinar, DeLeon and Pretorian will share their specific tips and strategies on:

  • What common myths exist about link building, and what shady practices should you look out for?
  • When is it time to break up and find a new link building agency?
  • How can you spot when there’s a great agency behind the great salesperson?
  • What can you reasonably expect from your link building agency, and how can you help them work better for you?

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Don’t Get Burned: How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency
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