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ReviewMe Launches Advertiser Marketplace, Minimum $10 per Review

Paid blog review broker ReviewMe has launched a new advertiser marketplace where advertisers can create campaign offers which bloggers can review, then decide to accept the task of reviewing that company. ReviewMe used to work on the basis of the advertiser contracting the individual blogger, but now bloggers can find advertisers which they want to review, and bring in a part of that advertiser’s budget; which begins at $10 a review.

Example : Advertiser has a $3000 blog review budget. Advertiser enters marketplace and states that they will pay $50 per review. Bloggers then sign up to review that advertiser and get paid.

This new system is probably going to be much more advertiser friendly than advertisers looking for individual bloggers, contracting them, then waiting for that blogger to accept or deny, which draws out the review buying process.

From ReviewMe

This new advertiser marketplace gives more control to the advertiser while still giving the blogger 100% control over what review offers they accept.

Advertisers get to set up the information they would like reviewed, the number of reviews they would like to receive and how much they would like to spend per review. The minimum review price is $10. Advertisers now have the flexibility of purchasing reviews of top reviews individually or creating campaigns for many relevant bloggers to blog about!

Now that the minimum review price is $10, ReviewMe is asking smaller bloggers who did not make the cut when ReviewMe first launhced to resubmit their blogs for inclusion in their new Advertiser Marketplace.

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ReviewMe Launches Advertiser Marketplace, Minimum $10 per Review

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