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Review of MSN adCenter 3.0 Demo

Preview of MSN adCenter 3.0 Demo

Barry points to a review of MSN adCenter 3.0 by Jack Spirko at Masterlink’s Dallas Search Engine Marketing Blog. The following is an excerpt of what was demo’d by the MSN adCenter team.

Here is some of what we learned strait from the MSN folks about the new adCenter.

1. The new adCenter has dynamic parameter options beyond just dynamic keywords.

2. In addition to key word research that is similar to the adCenter system (shows terms based on a website or terms related to terms you provide) you can view extensive demographic data which is gathered primarily via Microsoft Passport users and includes things like, basic traffic trends, age and gender, geography, wealth index and lifestyle. This allows you once again to tailor ad copy and landing page messages to the most prominent demographic for your terms.

3. adCenter also offers a tool called incremental bidding allowing advertisers to bid a higher rate for specific groups.

4. MSN has also noticed what Google did right and Yahoo has done wrong when it comes to ranking ads. Unlike the wide open show all bids system of Yahoo MSN adCenter simply asks for your max bid and shows “estimated average position” for your terms. You can then write multiple ads per ad group (called orders in the adCenter system) and split test them.

5. Dayparting : This feature we feel is a huge benefit and it makes one wonder exactly what is wrong with the folks at Yahoo and Google and why they have not provided it long ago. This feature allows you to only display your ads on specific days of the week, specific times of day or a combination of each.

Read the entire detailed review from Masterlink

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Review of MSN adCenter 3.0  Demo

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