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Repurposing Your Email Marketing Content For SEO Success: 5 Tips

Repurposing Your Email Marketing Content For SEO Success: 5 Tips

Your most effective SEO content is free, effective, and right under your nose! All of the email marketing newsletter campaigns you’ve conducted to date are an unique treasure trove of search engine fodder that especially in light of Google’s recent algorithm evolution towards prizing unduplicated quality content can equate to SEO success.

All you have to do is post the content on your site, the text will be indexed, and your search engine position will be considerably boosted. Here are the top five tips to get your email marketing content working for you on your website.

1. Post it as you would an article

Although you may call it an Email Newsletter Archive if you wish, it is important to format the missives in the same way you would an article. Each newsletter should be on its own page, with links to previous and subsequent entries as well as a full index. This structure will allow the reader to navigate through your collection and pick out topics of particular interest to them.

2. Rewrite any inapplicable sections

Almost every one of your newsletters has some sections which are irrelevant when viewed as an article destined to be posted on a website. Unlike an email which is read within a day or two of sending, the content on your website may be there for several years into the future. Delete any mentions to upcoming events or other time sensitive content. Ensure that any references to current events are either eliminated or restructured to be historical.

3. Render the content egalitarian

Many email newsletters contain special perks for your subscribers and other VIP offers. When you post this content on your website, the readership is no longer restricted to customers who have signed up to your newsletter but to the general public who locate the content through search engine queries. The prospect that your brand provides special treatment for subscribers may not be taken as a positive by some members of your website audience, so it’s best to focus on the essential information contained in the newsletter and not the lagniappe.

4. Flash-y it up

Through Apple’s incessant attacks Flash may have become the whipping boy of the last couple of years. Regardless of whether you’re on the Flash or HTML5 bandwagon your email can be considerably spruced up with attractive visual extras which would qualify as superfluous bandwidth hogging if included in an email.

When your newsletter content is placed onto your website you can feel free to treat it as you would any other attractive webpage with large high resolution graphics, video, audio, and anything else you feel serves the purpose of getting your point across.

5. Tone down the hard sell

Your goal is to inform and entertain your website reader, not drown them in exhortations to Buy Now! If your newsletters tend to be composed towards the hard sell side, you would be well advised to tone down the heavy handed pitch and resort to a more neutral and informational approach. The purpose of the website article is to capture the interest of your readers through the provision of quality writing, and thus inherently varies from the primary purpose of your newsletter which centers around the call to action.

Repurposing your email newsletter content will not only provide volumes of valuable information for your audience, but will also serve to supercharge your SEO efforts by providing the search engines with the exact type of relevant and unique content they reward with priority SERPs. That’s a win win in anyone’s book!

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Repurposing Your Email Marketing Content For SEO Success: 5 Tips

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