The Reign of Email

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If you are of the of the opinion that email is dead or dying, think again!. Not only was email the most popular online activity of 2012, it also generated higher click-through and conversion rates as well as good ROI than all other channels. This trend is only going to continue as 56% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets during 2013, which makes email the leading source of marketing investments.

“What about the whole mobile movement?” you might ask. That only seems to be fueling the popularity of email, now that people can send and receive email whenever and wherever they want.

If you weren’t convinced about how awesome email was before, the following infographic by the folks at Litmus may sway you. After looking through the infographic, let us know your thoughts in the comments – that is whether you agree or suggest other facets of marketing and customer care that you feel are better performers.

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The Reign of Email

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  • Email Marketing Consultant

    It still makes me chuckle when I hear the occasional comment about how “email is dead.”

    We’ve been in business for 15 years now — solely focused on email marketing for all of that time — and we’ve been warned for more than a decade by the doomers and gloomers that our time was short-lived.

    Done right, email marketing remains very solid. Nice article!


  • Rahul Gomez

    In this day and age of cloud computing I believe Email is slowly fading away, it wont be a fast overnight death but it will slowly fade away. The same way as Twitter replaced the well known SMS and Facebook became more popular than…well life, cloud computer which sees an instantaneous access to files will slowly replace conventional online activities.

    Dropbox and Office 360 are examples of how our lives have changed and the future of computing.

    • Email Marketing Consultant

      What does “cloud computing” have to do with anything?

      • kevin pike

        As an SEO I can relate to the “email is dead” articles out there. About this time of year every SEO is forecasting big changes for the next year and of course, you get a few “dead” articles too.

        That said, I think the “email is dead” thing mainly cropped up when Gmail launched it’s new promotions tab. I also think others are learning to filter on emails with “unsubscribe” in the text.

        Does this mean email is dead? NO, but it does mean your going to have to be smarter in 2014. I would compile data for the last quarter and see how it compares to all of 2013 too.