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Redirects in AdWords Ads Bypass Banned Sites Filter in Google AdSense

Even if you block a domain in AdSense from being served on your site, there are still ways that publishers and Made For AdSense “spammers” are getting around this feature; using redirects to show one domain in a Google AdWords advertisement, then redirect that user to the initial domain which has been blocked by a Google publisher.

I was reading a discussion on Digital Point forums which discussed this issue :

I noticed that lots of ads on my site have very interesting domain names. So I take a look for about 20-30 of them and noticed that they all redirect to [which the publisher had banned].

They are all LCPC pages which gives low rates to huge numbers of AdSense publishers. Is this legal in AdWords program? Can we report pages like this?

The issue brings many questions of Google AdWords.

1. Should Google allow advertisers to use a redirect in their AdWords ad?

2. If the redirect goes to a site which publishers have blocked, why can’t Google pick this up?

3. If Google does allow redirects in AdWords ads, is there a true ability to block some publishers? Since domains are endless, wouldn’t the redirect be the same?

4. If a large number of publishers are banning sites like, which is currently serving ads, isn’t there something that Google could do to ask its search partner in to ban this URL from its ad program?

Google AdSense policy violators can be reported with Google using a contact form, but as long as Google does not crack down on the redirect practice, this reporting will probably do little good.

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Redirects in AdWords Ads Bypass Banned Sites Filter in Google AdSense

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