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Reddit General Manager Announces Decision To Step Down

Reddit General Manager Announces Decision To Step Down

Long-standing Reddit General Manager, Erik Martin, announced his decision to leave the company today after serving as its GM for six years.

Martin broke the news himself on Twitter:

In addition to being named one of Time’s most influential people of 2012, Martin was also behind some of Reddit’s most character-defining moments. For example, under Martin Reddit was a major proponent against controversial tech policy SOPA/PIPA.

With Martin as GM, Reddit also championed socially responsible causes like donating significant money to good causes, and turning Reddit into the largest Secret Santa gift exchange in the world.

The company has yet to publish an official statement on its blog about Martin stepping down from his role as GM, and Martin himself has been similarly quiet. Martin hasn’t alluded to what his plans are now, or why exactly he decided to leave.

In a statement provided to VentureBeat, Reddit chief executive Yishan Wong indicated that Martin will be taking on new responsibilities as a special advisor:

Erik has been involved with reddit and part of guiding the company for over 6 years, which we’re grateful for. We’ll be retaining him as a special advisor on community management issues. He’s been transitioning his responsibilities to other people for awhile now, so we don’t anticipate that much will change.

If you ask Martin about it on Twitter he won’t shed much more light on the situation, but he is responding to most questions in perfect Reddit fashion — with carefully selected animated GIFs.

It’s interesting to note that Martin’s move comes just weeks after Reddit closed a $50 million round of funding.


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Reddit General Manager Announces Decision To Step Down

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