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Reddit Prospers From Digg v4 Debacle

Since the release of the newest version of Digg, v4, launched last week, the less-than-warm reception has caused a massive influx of traffic to their rival – Redditt. Launched less than a year after Digg, Redditt hasn’t been as popular, but they did have very loyal users. However, starting Sunday night, the four-person team has seen the amount of new users, uniques, and page views increase in staggering numbers.

Senior programmer, Chris Slowe, states that the unique page views alone have increased 50% – they have been averaging about 900,000 a day since Monday morning. Also, they are reporting between 13 and 14 million total page views per day. Approximately 25% of the sites visitors were people who went on to register for the site and become “baby redditors” as Chris calls them on the site’s blog.

With their numbers growing so rapidly, the folks over at Reddit were honestly surprised that the site didn’t go down. Their blog also says that most days they are performing around peak capacity for the site and they “never could have survived an unexpected surge like that.”

Evelyn Rusli of Tech Crunch talked with Slowe and he says that they are currently working on new features to keep the “Redditors” happy and to make sure the site can sustain it’s new, larger user base, including redesign of the UI.

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Reddit Prospers From Digg v4 Debacle

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