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Recipe Time & Ingredient Search from

Recipe Time & Ingredient Search from

Gary Price, who I finally had the pleasure of meeting at a well planned dinner Wednesday evening at McCormick and Schmick’s San Jose, was seen on numerous occasion at Search Engine Strategies chatting up the attendees on different image and content rich database structures in the industry. Mr. Price, and his fondness of good cuisine, ventured over to the Ingredient Search and Recipe Time Searches which address the convenience of finding recipes and lifestyle time for preparing food, instead of only what may satisfy the palette.

More from Gary at ResourceShelf:

Here’s another great example of what a well maintained structured database can offer. It’s also cool and lots of fun. Do you have various ingredients in your kitchen. Don’t have access to others? Enter what you have and don’t have into this database and AllRecipes will give you an idea of what you can cook or bake (or what you need to head to the store and purchase). More recipe databases…Only have a set amount of time to cook or bake something? Use this database (Recipe Time Search) to select recipes by the time it takes to cook or bake the item.

See Also: also powers recipe Smart Answer on Enter something you would like to cook or bake into the main search box and direct links to recipes and user reviews appear at the top of the search results page, above the ads.

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Recipe Time & Ingredient Search from

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