Recap: #SEJThinkTank Site Audit

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Recap: #SEJThinkTank Site Audit

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On February 4th, the SEJ Marketing ThinkTank hosted a live site audit webinar, which consisted of our team evaluating sites submitted from our audience, based on what they said they needed help with. After we prepared, nearly 200 attendees joined SEJ founder Loren Baker, Executive Editor Kelsey Jones, CTO Slobodan Manic, and Head News Writer Matt Southern for an hour-long webinar exploring the SEO, UX, content, and load time of four audience-submitted websites.

Watch the full video below:


Our panelists mentioned some really great tools site owners can use to improve their website. Here is a list, as well as a short explanation of what each tool is capable of.

Editor Note: The SEJ team isn’t affiliated with any of these tools. We just like them!


This tool allows you to compare your site to your competitors in terms of backlinks, keywords, and many other metrics. It’s a fantastic tool to use when developing your marketing strategy.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool from Google is a priceless resource. It provides access to diagnostic tools, data, and tons more. Being free (as well as a favorite of other industry experts) makes it even better.

Schema Markup

This markup tool can give your SEO a boost. Read this post to find out more about what Schema is and why it matters.


Woorank is an SEO tool designed specifically for small businesses. During the webinar, Matt Southern used it to find out information on each site we audited, including in-depth reports on social, SEO, and social.

Screaming Frog

Matt mentioned this tool several times, particularly for finding broken links on your site. It also crawls your website and looks for many other issues. Plus it is free, which is always good!


This was the tool Loren Baker used to determine a sites authority and trust. It also gives information on backlinks, anchor text, and much more.

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Danielle Antosz

Danielle Antosz

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  • Brandon Prettyman

    I missed the original event so thank you for posting it on the site. Listening to the webinar I learned of a couple new tools I was unaware of…particularly interested in trying out Link Sleuth. Keep it up!

    • Danielle Antosz

      Thanks Brandon! Glad you enjoyed our webinar.

  • Andrea

    My coworkers and I attended the webinar and found it quite interesting. We learned some new things and had a few of our current tactics validated. The one thing that really stuck out though was when the group said that Google doesn’t read hidden content. Would you please comment with the source(s) that this information came from as we have yet to find any additional information that supports this claim.

    • Kelsey Jones

      I am checking on this and we will get back to you!

    • Kelsey Jones

      I pinged Loren and he gave me these links:

      the source is John Mueller from Google

  • Yuvraj Zala

    I have been using WooRank, it’s really good. Even SEO UPcity is awesome to checkout what’s missing in your site. BTW thanks for sharing all the tools. Peace out!

  • Michael Stricker

    It is so awesome that you take the attendees issues to heart and tender recommendations. It’s beyond journalism, it’s a service to the community! Thanks for sharing, Danielle Antosz, and for the mention of SEMRush!