Recap #SEJThinkTank: 3 Steps for Social & Search Marketing Integration with Dan Morrison from aimClear

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Recap #SEJThinkTank: 3 Steps for Social & Search Marketing Integration with Dan Morrison from aimClear

Last Thursday, the SEJ Marketing Thinktank was joined by Dan Morrison of aimClear for a sponsored webinar about using social data to drive social media ROI. The session was moderated by our own Loren Baker, the founder of SEJ, and included a Q&A session where attendees were able to pick Dan’s brain.

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Dan’s presentation included a lot of great information about how to stop throwing your money away on social media campaigns. Highlights of his presentation include:

  • How to retarget users using cookies
  • How to nurture leads using RLSA
  • Using psychographic data
  • Finding social signals from strong users

Thank you to all who joined us for Dan’s webinar! If you weren’t able to make it, or if you want to re-watch Dan’s presentation, here is a full recap video, and a link to Dan’s slides.

Watch a Full Video Recap

View Dan’s Slides on Slideshare

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