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Quit Job for Google AdSense

Quit Job for Google AdSense

Quit Job for Google AdSense

To be honest, I do not know anyone who relies solely on their AdSense income. I was browsing the Google AdSense forum at WebmasterWorld and found a thread named “last fri. i quit my job,for adsense: need your ‘good luck’.

In that thread, the member said that he received 1 check, that check basically covered his rent. He admits he needs more money, but is willing to take the risk of quitting his day job to enjoy life and self-independence. As you can imagine there are many wishing this member the best of luck and offering him sage advice. He has my best wishes.

Loren Baker : Note, in the forum thread others spill the beans that they too have considered leaving their daytime job for a world of Google AdSense funded web publishing. It is a common philosophy not to keep all of one’s eggs in one basket. Diversification in revenue generation and business model is usually a key to success. However, those Google AdSense checks are still persuading some to the full time position of web master or professional blogger.

Bamamamma writes : I was considering quitting as well when Adsense earnings started creeping over my “day-job” salary (which is fairly above average by American standards). However, the money that I would have to spend to be self-insured and pay taxes as an employee of my own company, at federal, state and local levels made the question moot.

I’m excited by the possibilities AdSense has to offer. My own income has tripled in 2 1/2 years since the program started.

I really have to thank this site and the mods as well as all the regular posters for a large part of this success. You guys made it easier to achieve.

Openmind writes : Make sure you will be adding fresh content systematically and on a regular basis because this has a number of benefits. Also, concentrate on your users’ needs, try to figure out what kind of information they are looking for and supply them with the answers. Adsense is a very sophisticated system and the best way to make the most out of it is simply to focus on people rather than on software, statistics and machines.

More feedback in the thread on WebmasterWorld

Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.

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Quit Job for Google AdSense

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