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Quigo Partnering With More Newspapers

Quigo Partnering With More Newspapers

Quigo Technologies Inc. announced several agreements with the online divisions of American newspapers, including Newsday (a Tribune company), Media General, Scripps Howard and Media News Group. The contracts collectively call for over 130 newspapers across the country to install private label versions of the AdSonar Exchange on their Web sites, turning each site into an auction marketplace where ad placement is up for grabs.

Michael Yavonditte, CEO of Quigo, said, “We’re beginning to see a radical shift in the way newspapers are assessing the competitive landscape of content and online advertising. They’ve quickly grasped the idea that it is the newspapers, not the ad network, who should own the advertiser base. Our auction-style pay-per-click is a great way for the newspapers to become relevant to their local advertisers who have been buying keywords from Google and Overture for years now.”

Stephen Weis, VP and General Manager of the Houston Chronicle’s, agrees. “Many of our clients are happy we’re offering them a chance to advertise affordably on our site’s pages, a chance they cannot get any other way. We’ve found that pay-per-click advertising doubles as a gateway to our other ad products, and it helps keep us front of mind with our current advertiser base.”

This is pretty big news since Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdSense should be duking it out to sign these big publishers. Quigo is definately setting its sites on a distinct vertical market in newspapers and is laying its foundation before the contextual advertising wars begin.

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Quigo Partnering With More Newspapers

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