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QuickFox Notes: Google Suggest + Notepad

I have stated many times how much I adore Google Suggest (while being not a fan of Google Instant, but that’s another story). And because I love Google Suggest so much, I liked this fun FireFox addon I am going to share today.

QuickFox Notes is an awesome FireFox addon that lets you take quick notes (yeah, you may have guessed from the name) while browsing. It is built based on FireFox bookmarks functionality which means you will find the interface familiar and usable. Besides, it means that you can synchronize your notes using Foxmarks or any other bookmark synchronizer you are currently using (win!).

QuickFox notes

The addon is really easy to use: you can access it via toolbar icon, statusbar icons or right-click context menu. You can add, group and archive notes (which also mean you can use the addon as a simplistic, yet functional to-do list utility (archive a note when the task is completed!).

What really makes the addon worth of sharing here is its support of Google Suggest which:

  • Lets you easily pick up a popular word to use in your text (use the addon as a simplistic keyword suggestion tool);
  • Lets you brainstorm a better phrase to use in a sentence (for a non-English speaking blogger for example);
  • Lets you run a quick spelling check;
  • Lets you enjoy other awesomeness of Google Suggest.

To use Google Suggest, start typing in your note and hit F1 when you want to generate suggestions:

Google Suggest

Now, just use numbers on the keyboard to choose the suggestion. For example, if we hit 3, the phrase [search engines] will be automatically pasted into the note body:

QuickFox Google Suggest

Now, the logics is pretty much straightforward and easy to remember. See:

  • Use F1 if you want to generate suggestions for the current one word;
  • Use F2 if you want to generate suggestions for the current two-word phrase;
  • Use F3 if you want to generate suggestions for the current three-word phrase;

For example, if we want to generate suggestions for [search f] which is a two-word phrase, we should use F2:

QuickFox Google Suggest

… because if we used F1, we would see suggestions for [f] only (with no search bias at all):

QuickFox GoogleSuggest

Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

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QuickFox Notes: Google Suggest + Notepad

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