QR Codes and Couponing Working Hand in Hand

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The practice of “couponing” has been around since I can remember. I still remember mom thumbing through her coupon envelope when she’d take me along shopping as a kid. Couponing is a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses, as consumers save money while sales are generated for businesses.

So how do QR codes, which are relatively new to consumers but have been used in the automobile industry for some time, and coupons go hand in hand?

QR codes already appear anywhere and everywhere, from brochures to actual products. It’s common knowledge that they are a great way to provide more information about a product or service, so why not add a “coupon” element to them as well? That is in fact what many businesses are now doing. And why not? They are easier than paper (no more cutting or tearing), they are convenient, and they are green!

The following infographic from Wasp Barcode will help you to learn more about QR Code couponing and understand how QR codes are revolutionizing the  traditional couponing process. 

QR Codes and Couponing:

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