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Put RSS Feeds On Your Web Page

Put RSS Feeds On Your Web Page

If you’re interested in putting RSS feeds on your Web page but you don’t have a lot of server/programming expertise, you might want to try the RSS Digest tool at . This tools has some nice extras on it, though at the moment it only supports RSS feeds, not Atom (apparently Atom is coming soon.)

From the front page of the tool provide the URL of the RSS feed you want to put on your page. (If you don’t know the URL you can provide the index page of the site and RSS Digest will try to find the RSS feed. This worked about half the time when I tried it.) Once you’ve found the feed, you provide your name and URL, customize the RSS feed (filter for duplicate entries and swear words, specify a template for output), and specify whether you want the code in HTML (for PHP, includes, etc.) or JavaScript.

You’re provided with code that you can go ahead and put on your page. However, you’re also given information on how to customize it with CSS or with the special formatting instructions used by RSS Digest.

I like the tool because Peter Cooper has really gone out of his way to document it. The filters are nice and he seems to be updating it almost constantly. Very nice tool; worth a look.

Columist Tara Calishain is writer and editor at ResearchBuzz and author of the new book Web Search Garage

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Put RSS Feeds On Your Web Page

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