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PubSub Aggregates Customized Baseball News from Blogs

PubSub Aggregates Customized Baseball News from Blogs yesterday announced the launch of PubSub Baseball, a collection of free, pre-built subscriptions that provide customized delivery of baseball content from the blogs and syndicated sites. PubSub’s prospective search technology instantly notifies users as soon as the search terms they have subscribed to are mentioned.

From PubSub : “PubSub’s prospective search lets you watch rather than search. Search engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the Web to gather information that is later searched in response to queries. This is called retrospective search, as the results represent what has happened in the past. PubSub’s prospective search constantly monitors relevant blogs and Web feeds for matches to users’ subscriptions and delivers results in real time. Prospective search watches out for you by making your queries persistent.”

PubSub Baseball enables sports journalists, baseball fans, and enthusiasts to follow what is being said about American League and National League teams and players. PubSub’s baseball offering can also help fantasy baseball coaches get a leg up on their competition.

“Our prospective search technology keeps people up-to-date on virtually any subject,” said Bob Wyman, CTO and co-founder of PubSub Concepts, Inc. “Sports are extremely popular in the blogosphere. PubSub’s matching engine gives people a fun way to keep a constant eye on their favorite teams and players.”

Matched results are delivered as an RSS or Atom feed into a news aggregator or read on the Web. Alternatively, PubSub provides a browser sidebar that pushes updates as they occur, eliminating the need to hit the refresh button to get up-to-date results.

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PubSub Aggregates Customized Baseball News from Blogs

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