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Pronet Advertising : One of My Favorite Blogs!

One of my responsibilities as a professional blogger in the search engine news world is to keep taps on the many search engine marketing and social media marketing blogs which are being launched successfully in the ‘2.0’ market. By doing so, and sharing or building upon their information by covering their ideas in the posts here at Search Engine Journal, I feel privileged to be able to introduce new “non-search” blogs into the cubicles, PDA’s, home offices and cell phones of the search engine marketing workforce.

So, as a new weekly series at Search Engine Journal I’ll be covering, reviewing and lending my opinion on specific blogs that I feel can enlighten the search engine world.

The first of this blog profile series is Pronet Advertising, a blog published by ACS; Advantage Consulting Services. ACS is head by the team of Hiten Shah, Neil Patel and Cameron Olthuis. If you attended Search Engine Strategies San Jose you’re probably familiar with Neil’s presentation on Wikipedia Linking and Cameron’s participation on the Link Baiting panel.

I first ran into Hiten, Neil and Cameron at a late night party in San Jose after noticing that Hiten was wearing a WordPress Wordcamp t-shirt. We ended up hanging out for most of the conference, chatted about blogging, and introduced each other to mutual search industry friends.

Since the conference I’ve learned a lot from the ACS team, not just via emails or messaging, but by subscribing to their Pronet Advertising RSS feed.

The blog is mostly maintained by Neil and the underlying theme of the blog is Neil’s experiences in online marketing. Cameron also chimes in from time to time to discuss analytics and statisical tracking, his forte.

I’d have to say that the most value I’ve received from Pronet Advertising is that of Social Media Optimization. Neil & Cameron really seem to have all of their fingers stuck in multiple social media pies and harnessing their expertise on the subject has paid off dramatically, in more ways than one.

The three posts which I’ve enjoyed the most from Pronet Advertising since subscribing to the blog are “How to Get StumbledUpon“, “How to Get on the Digg Homepage“, and Introduction to Social Media Optimization.

As a publisher, I had been practicing a bit of the techniques behind all of these posts, but after reading Neil & Cameron’s thoughts on the subject, I felt that I had more of a process defined in the social corner of online marketing.

And what better source to obtain such valuable information from than the company behind the optimization of blogs such as ReadWriteWeb, Guy Kawasaki’s Signal Without Noise, and Mashable!

To sum up my thoughts on the Pronet Advertising Blog, especially for those readers in the Search Engine Marketing world, I’d like to finish with this statement (as cheesey as it may sound):

If you like the social media and 2.0 coverage coming from Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz, you’re gonna LOVE Pronet Advertising!

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Pronet Advertising : One of My Favorite Blogs!

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