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Promoted Video Comes To Twitter, Upload And Distribute Native Video On Twitter

Promoted Video Comes To Twitter, Upload And Distribute Native Video On Twitter

Today, Twitter announced a beta test of new Promoted Video ad units. Twitter has been experimenting with these new ads for the past few months, with tests showing Tweets containing native Twitter video generate better engagement and more video views.

Here’s an example of a Tweet with native video.

In addition to uploading and distributing native video on Twitter, advertisers will also be able to measure the reach and effectiveness of their video content.

Twitter is now offering advertisers the ability to run ads with a new Cost Per View (CPV) ad buying model. With this new ad buying model, advertisers only get charged when a user starts playing the video.

Advertisers running Promoted Videos have full access to Twitter’s video analytics, which tracks things like completion percentage and organic vs. paid video views.

Twitter has expanded the tests of native video with select content publishers and verified users, but no word on when it will be rolled out to the rest of us.

However, all signs point to native video coming to all users eventually, as Twitter states: “the overall goal is to bring more video into our users’ timelines to create a richer and more engaging Twitter.”

If you’re an advertisings partner and interested in running a promoted video, Twitter says to contact your account representative to get started.

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