Pro-Obama Hillary Clinton ‘1984’ Video Posted on YouTube

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Someone has posted an anti-Hillary version of the famous 1984 Apple Super Bowl commercial on YouTube which ends with the message : “On Jan. 14, the Democratic primary will begin. And you’ll see why 2008 won’t be like 1984”.

This message is followed by a mocked Apple symbol, which is now an O – with “” underneath.

The video has been viewed over 240,000 times on YouTube, Google’s social video sharing property, and the Obama camp denies affiliation with the video. As both of the Democratic and Republican Primaries heat up (yes, they’re both going to get dirty), we’re going to see more of this surrogate mudslinging on the online front.

In terms of SEO, I’m surprised that the user only entered the title as ‘1984’. Yes, that’s a bit more powerful than a title with Hillary Clinton in the subject, but a search for “Hillary Clinton” on YouTube or Google Video does not show this video in their results.

Popularity and blogging however, can be more powerful in a Search 2.0 world as we can see via Google Video Blog Buzz.

Hillary Clinton 1984 BlogBuzz

Google Video Blog Buzz, a Technorati style blog popularity measurement for Google Video, shows 156 blogs linking to or embedding the Hillary 1984 video and lists the video as the second most popular in its list. As the campaign gets closer to elections, expect the Blog Buzz list to be primarily election oriented videos.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Ben

    I am deeply suspicious of this ad.

    The soundbites seem to be completely wrong for the ad. I realize there is a certain irony in the original, which juxtaposes “we shall prevail” with the throwing of the hammer. But in the original, the voice has an obviously evil quality to it. These soundbites are Hillary’s explicit attempt to come across as a regular person, having a “conversation” with each of us individually, whereas the original ad speaks of “one people, one will, one resolve, one cause,” and “a garden of pure ideology where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory thoughts.” Meanwhile, the Hillary soundbite says “I don’t want people who agree with me.” Also, the image of big brother is dark, and blends in with the dark wall in the original commercial, while the imagine of Clinton is bright white, an aberration in the monolithic room

    If I had to guess at the source of this video, I would bet it came from the Clinton campaign. Imagine seeing it without any knowledge of the original. Most people probably don’t remember the original all that well. Here is an alternative interpretation of the Clinton video: Clinton is trying to awaken people who have become used to politics as a competitive sport, or partisan war, rather than a discussion, an exchange of ideas, about how to make everyone better off. Hillary says that it’s “really good” that “so far, we haven’t stopped talking.” However, some evil forces don’t want you to keep talking. Right before the hammer is thrown, the text on the screen over Hillary reads, “this is our conversation.” The next time we see the screen, a smiling Hillary again says she “hopes to keep this conversation going,” just before the sledge hammer smashes into the screen. In the original ad, following the initial explosion as the sledgehammer crashes into the screen, we hear a light, cool breeze, suggesting freedom. This sound appears to have been slowed down in the Clinton video, lowering the pitch and suggesting the cold wind of emptiness and despair. By this point we are really wondering who would be so evil as to want to end “our conversation.” We then see a bright white screen which says, “On January 14th, the Democratic primary will begin. And you’ll see why 2008 won’t be like ‘1984.’” Note that 1984 has a significance in presidential politics quite apart from Orwell’s book. 1984 was the year Walter Mondale, running as an unabashed liberal, lost every state in the nation except Minnesota. The white screen, associated with Clinton, promises a different outcome in 2008, until it is covered over by a pitch black screen bearing Barack Obama’s web address. It must be he who wishes to end the conversation.

  • Matt McGee

    A quick thought before I watch the video:

    Politics + anonymity of the Web = UGLY TIMES AHEAD.

  • mmoore

    Interesting observation, Ben, but if that’s the case, this is akin to the least effective Pepsi commercial ever made, where an archaeologist of the future is on a dig with some kids and one of them picks up dirt-covered Coke bottle and asks the professor what it is and he says “I have no idea.” The “idea” for the commercial was that at some point in the future, Pepsi would be so dominant that no one would remember or recognize the famous Coke bottle shape, but the fact that the brand was so recognizable by the shape of the bottle, where you saw no name, no brand of any sort, emphasized that Coke really was “the real thing.”

  • DOdom

    Modern history is now replete with successful governmental regimes with women heading them up. I fail to see how a woman president would do any worse than the current president, just as I fail to see how any male president could do a worse job. So I’m not anti-female president. However, after observing the Clintons collectively and individually here in Arkansas and as a national political entity, I’m not a Hillary fan and would not vote for her. Another woman, maybe, but not her.
    Do not expect her, my fellow Americans, to let this attack slide with public sympathy. I guarantee you she will have her share of filthy tricks as the campaigning proceeds.

  • Cvos SEO

    I love the fact that the hammer thrower is wearing an ipod. I say we drop regular elections entirely and just let people vote on which candidate creates the best youtube video.

    I think this was created by a politically agnostic

  • mary

    It’s an awesome ad.

  • Dee

    I doubt Obama is right of right for the office of President but this ad is DEAD ON with regard to Hillary Clinton.

    Only an insane person would support “Bush,Clinton Clinton,Bush Bush …Clinton” ?????????????????

  • alexis smith

    obama is the winner

  • alexis smith

    McCain is too old for this job, he’ll be dead before 2012 I mean come on he’s like 70 something. Plus McCain is a republician, he will most likely just raise, and raise, and raise money just like bush but worst since it’s just adding on.