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ONWARD search created a great infographic called PPC Jobs Salary Guide that breaks down the “best job markets, the most in-demand job titles, and salary ranges for PPC professionals“.

The guide, for 20 cities, breaks down the saleries for the following jobs:

  • Online Marketing Specialist
  • PPC Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Director of Internet Marketing
  • PPC Analyst
  • PPC Coordinator

If your city is not listed below ONWARD Search offers a salary search where you can find the salary for your job and location.

Click image to expand.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Bobby

    Does anybody have information on the UK market for the same?

  • michael

    how does an online marketing manager make more than the director of internet marketing in most cities, doesn’t seem correct

    • Cody

      The Online Marketing Manager makes less or equal on the base, but has a higher peak.

  • Gian

    Does anybody have the same info about EU market?

  • Hando

    I am doing all these job for my website, did not realize that the salaries are so generous for these sort of positions, should apply for it. Unfortunately I have not seen any of these job advertised anywhere.

  • Aaliyah

    Can you give a definition of each position? Maybe explain the difference between all of them.