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4 Psychological Tips to Write PPC Ads That Pack a Punch

Want to know how to make your PPC ads a powerful investment for your business? Here's the psychology behind writing great AdWords ad copy for more sales.

Your PPC mission is to grab the attention of searchers, give them the information they need, and ultimately entice them to click on your ad.

That process, whether it’s with Google AdWords or Bing Ads, all starts with optimized ad copy that taps into basic human psychology.

Psychology can give you a huge edge over your competitors.

Here are five psychological tips to write PPC ads that pack an emotional punch and will also increase conversions and revenue.

1. Focus on Your Value Proposition

Your customers have specific problems. They are searching Google and Bing for solutions to improve their lives.

Make sure your ads show up for these queries. Tell searchers why your product or service is the best solution and how it will help address their needs.

ppc ad tips show value

Too many companies fail to make the most of their PPC budget by focusing on product features. But you’ll see the biggest performance from focusing on benefits.

Showing the value of your products and services through PPC ads is pretty easy: all you have to do is show customers how you will improve their lives if they buy from you.

I like to use the word “you” in my ad copy whenever possible. This word helps establish a connection because I’m talking directly to the reader.

Value-based language helps build rapport with your customers and ensures that each click is a qualified lead. Building value in your PPC ads also helps you create an emotional connection with your customers. This is one of the best ways to build brand affinity (and a loyal customer base).

2. Use Urgency and Limited Availability

People are naturally risk-adverse. This means that one of the strongest motivators for people to take action is the fear that they will miss out on something and never have the chance to get it in the future.

ppc ad tips use urgency in ad copywriting

Urgency is a strong catalyst to include in your PPC ads because it will show that your company is active and that your products and services are not going to be available forever. Many brands will utilize urgency in their marketing content by demonstrating a limited-time special or discount.

Broadly speaking, you can use two types of urgency in your ads: real and implied.

  • Real Urgency is when you promote something that has an actual end date or limited production date range. PPC copy like “24-hour special” or “This weekend only” are examples of real urgency. Once a particular point is reached the individual offer will no longer exist.
  • Implied Urgency is when you use different types of language to build excitement around your ad offer. You can use words like “Now” and “Today” to imply a small window for your customers to take action and receive a given offer. Unlike real urgency, implied urgency only suggests the need to act now.

In general, you will find that real urgency is more efficient than implied urgency because it shows your customers that there are actual consequences for not taking action now. However, be aware that many consumers have become wary of exaggerated urgency in marketing.

You should only use real urgency when it makes sense and if you know your customers can’t find a similar or better deal once time expires. If your offer doesn’t meet these points, then you should use implied urgency in your PPC ads if you need to use urgency at all.

3. Alleviate Risks & Fears

One of the best ways to mitigate risk and concerns of your customers through your PPC ads is to outline special offers and use social proof.

Special offers can include:

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping

ppc ad copywriting tips remove risks

Social proof is a great way to prove the value of your product or service without having to advertise yourself. You can leverage what your customers are saying about you and show the positive feedback in your PPC ads.

It’s one thing to talk about yourself, but it carries more weight whenever someone else speaks highly of you. This is what social proof is, and your PPC ads will have higher conversions whenever you can highlight the great things your customers say about you.

ppc ad copywriting tips social proof

4. Use Compelling CTAs in Your Ad Copy

Your PPC ad copy needs a strong and clear CTA.

PPC ads that fail to include a CTA in the ad copy will have lower click-through and conversion rates.

Here are just a few examples of CTAs that can work for your PPC ads:

  • Buy Now!
  • Download Today!
  • Save Today Only!
  • Plan Your Vacation!
  • Redeem Coupon!
  • Claim Your Seat!
  • Sign Up
  • Register Now!

Customize your ad copy and CTA based on your target audience, industry, and product offer.

Craft Great PPC Ad Copy to Drive Business Today

Now that we looked at four different aspects to make great PPC ad copy, you can begin writing amazing ads to drive more conversions for your business. Remember to use psychological triggers to make your AdWords a valuable asset for your business.

Since you pay for each click then you need to use every tactic to make amazing PPC ads. Use these tips to start increasing revenue for your business today.

Image Credits

Screenshots by Chris Giarratana. Taken May 2017.

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4 Psychological Tips to Write PPC Ads That Pack a Punch

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