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Portfolio+ Tool Now on Contently

Contently Sign Up PageSource: Contently Sign Up Page | Official Website

Earlier today, Contently released a new tool called the Portfolio+, which is designed to help writers build their own brands. Contently is an online platform that helps those brands in need to look for Web content providers. On the other hand, the website also enables freelance writers to look for clients.

What is Portfolio+ and How it Works

Portfolio+ offers a quick and simple way for full-time and freelance Web content providers to present their works that were published online. It also allows them to track their analytics, as well as see how their stories are shared on the Web.

In order to take advantage of this feature, users are asked to sign up with their Facebook account. It will then prompt them to enter a list of publications they have written for. After that, the website will automatically index the user’s published work online to create a basic profile. From there, the user can select which of his or her work will be featured on the Portfolio+ page.

Services and Features

Portfolio+ features a handful of components that will enable users to analyze how their content performs on the Internet. This feature displays statistics about the user’s write-ups, which includes the number of their published clips, number of followers on various social networks, and how many times their content was shared.

In turn, it gives the users the opportunity to feature their most shared or most commented posts on their Portfolio+ page.

What makes this feature great is that it can let users track who is plagiarizing their work. Plagiarism is a common problem among content providers. Thus, this fall, Contently will be adding a component to the Portfolio+ that will help writers get the credit due to them.

Helping Journalists Build Their Careers

Contently is not the only an online platform that allows connection between publishers and writers. There’s and that is owned by AOL. These websites provide users with a sort of digital business cards, although they put emphasis on the summary of a user’s work experiences, rather than a portfolio of their published works.

There’s also Muck Rack that monitors what journalists tweet about. It also offers a portfolio page for writers. The difference between this website and Contently, though, is that Muck Rack requires users to manually input all of their articles. Contently, on the other hand, is automated and designed as a homepage for writers.

According to Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently, the goal of Portfolio+ is for the writers to track their work and get credit for it.

Our mission is to help journalists build their careers, build their personal brands, get more credit for their work, basically anything that we can to provide value to the new generation of journalists.

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Portfolio+ Tool Now on Contently

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