[POLL] Have you ever unfriended a family member on Facebook? Have advice?

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I know many people have at least one family member they would like to unfriend, but how does one do this without causing problems? Have you done it? Do you have any advice for those of us that are too chicken to do it? If so you can use the “other” section in the poll or leave a comment.

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Melissa Fach

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  • Unfriending, to me, is a last resort. Before then I would change their settings so I only see updates about major life events (particularly if the reason you’re considering unfriending them is because of something like their language in status updates).

  • I have never unfriended a family member but my son unfriends on occasion. I make him refriend when he wants to drive the car.

  • Bob

    Just add them to the ‘Restricted’ list, then they’ll only see your public posts.

  • I Unfriended my sister once, as she was “Spamming” my wall, of course the day came where she wanted to contact me trough FB and couldn’t find me, before she ripped myhead off, my wife managed to tell here that I had been cleaning up my FB account and thereby mistakenly deleted lots of friends 🙂

    Today it is much easier with restricted list on FB 🙂

  • Changing the settings so you don’t see their updates is a good plan of action. But if your relationship has gotten to the point that you are considering unfriending a family member on Facebook (assuming reasons other than language, bad photos etc) then there’s already a problem. Unfriending won’t be causing that one.

  • Facebook as a new “Acquaintances” setting.

    I have a personal policy that I don’t friend anyone under 18. I don’t want even the appearance of impropriety when it comes to kids. However, my 13 year old niece just got on Facebook. I added her as an “Acquaintance” and anything I post of a personal nature is shown to only “friends other than acquaintances”. She can’t see anything or comment on anything this way.

    This is a good setting for ex’s, bothersome family, kids or people you work with that don’t need to see personal posts.

  • Well, I am all in good terms with the members of my family. I just unfriended my dad just to hide that I will be getting married and it is some sort of a secret to him. But I have one relative that I really removed from my friend list. That is my brother-in-law. He’s anti-ME for her sister.

  • Unfriended everyone and turned my okay posts to public and asked them to subscribe me if they are intrested….lolzz

  • Anthony Pensabene

    I got rid of my personal profile indefinitely, but at the time, I was growing concerned as to how my FB profile was influencing my professional life and potential cohorts. Let’s face it; in life, we’re often guilty by association, and could be indirectly affected by the comments and views of others who are our friends and family members. In my case, a family member, I assume to be funny, was making comments that could possibly offend particular groups of people. In my personal life, I’m very sarcastic and snarky, but as a professional, such decisions could cause misunderstanding. I couldnt’ afford to have people assume I shared the views of my family member. I deleted his comment, defriended, and wrote an email explanation. Done and done – I can make reparations with family, it’s not as easy to do with cohorts as well as in regard to your professional image.