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Point & Search Cell Phones Hit Japan

Point & Search Cell Phones Hit Japan

Point & Search mobile searching via cell phone cameras has just got a lot more interesting as GeoVector & Japan’s Mapion have launched Mapion Local Search for mobile phones in Japan.

Powered by GPS, compass, and cellular photo technology, Mapion Local Search empowers its users with the ability to walk down virtually any street in Japan and point at over 700,000 buildings, retailers, restaurants, banks, or historical sites to instantly retrieve information on what they are looking at, or find what they are looking for just by pointing their phone. Mapion was the original developer of Yahoo maps and provides content for AOL Japan maps and Excite Japan maps.

“Soon, users will point their mobile phones at restaurants to get reviews, point at billboards to shop at the advertiser’s website, point at a movie poster to buy tickets, or play a game by pointing at their friends,” said John Ellenby, president of GeoVector. “With the real world as your desktop, the potential is enormous.”

Mapion Local Search combines Mapion’s Point of Interest information on locations throughout Japan with GeoVector’s pointing-based technology and spatial search engine technology.

“Incorporating GeoVector’s technology allows us to give users an experience available nowhere else in the world,” said Takehiko Murata, President of CyberMap Japan. “This gives us a significant lead over global competitors.”

The service is now available via Japan’s KDDI network for users of W21S phones (CDMA with aided GPS and an integrated compass) and will be available to more cell users in Japan this year.

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Point & Search Cell Phones Hit Japan

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