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Podscope Searches Podcast Content, Audio and Video

Podscope Searches Podcast Content, Audio and Video

Podscope, dubbed as the first engine to search within a Podcast, was launched recently by TVEyes, the real-time broadcast search provider. Podscope, which makes every word searchable within a podcast, enables the audio indexing of podcast content, which is equally applicable to video blogs and personal videos. Podscope is accepting all forms of audio and video submissions for indexing by keyword at

Podcasts are essentially downloadable radio programs distributed through RSS that can be put onto a digital media music player or iPod. TVEyes, which has been indexing television and radio broadcasts since 1999, crawls the web with Podscope looking for podcasts and creates an index against every word, thereby making the contents searchable. The user can search on a term, generate a list of results ranked by a variety of methods to find the most relevant podcast and click to play or click to download.

“With a looming explosion in such user generated rich content as Podcasts and video blogs, there is a growing need to empower consumers to find and subscribe to programs that meet their diverse interests,” commented Allen Weiner, Vice President and Research Director at Gartner. “Searching and indexing these varied audio and video programs will not only benefit content-hungry consumers, it also adds legitimacy and velocity to this burgeoning space.”

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Podscope Searches Podcast Content, Audio and Video

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