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Podscope Search Engine Plans to Index All Podcast

Podscope Search Engine Plans to Index Every Podcast

What is this? A search engine issuing a challenge to index ALL podcasters in a month? Podscope already indexes more than 20,000 podcasts from more than 3,500 sites and is on track to cover every known podcaster by the end of August. Along with this ambitious task, Podscope is also asking podcasters to submit their sites for indexing at

“Imagine how less useful a Google search would be if Google only indexed the title of the Web pages it returns for a search. It just wouldn’t have the same value as search that includes the entire content of the textual Web. Such simplistic search is what’s being provided by every other audio and video search on the Internet – with the exception of Podscope,” said David J. Ives, president and chief executive officer of TVEyes, Inc., whose technology and company are behind Podscope. “Podscope uses our proprietary speech recognition software to fuel our Spoken Word Index(TM) engine, enabling users to see and hear exactly what they are searching for in audio and video files.”

“Indexing the spoken word using advanced speech recognition technology has a profound impact on a consumer’s ability to get the most out of audio and video search on the Internet,” said Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner. “Relying only on metadata search or categorical listings provides incomplete results, making it difficult and inefficient to find specific content you’d like to listen to or watch.”

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Podscope Search Engine Plans to Index All Podcast

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