How to Plugin SEO to WordPress : 9 Great Plugins

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I am an avid reader of Search Engine Journal due in large part that it has actual SEO meat with real takeaways especially the posts by Ann Smarty.

In the Internet Marketing field we often see articles created just for the sake of content and just as with some presentations at conferences, they just bloviate about the same general information we already know.

So as to not fall in that trap I will quickly get into some key plugins I feel add to the SEO of your WordPress site.

  • All in One SEO Pack – As it states it’s an all in one tool to automatically & individually customize your site’s SEO.
  • Google XML Sitemap – If you are going to use an XML sitemap as a backstop to make sure your pages are found by the search engines then this is best tool to make sure its continually and automatically done.
  • Permalink Redirect – Automatically 301 redirects your posts to the clean SEO friendly URL you setup
  • Post Teaser – You could code this in most themes but this will automatically do so to prevent any chance of duplicate content while also increasing your page views.
  • WordTwit – Automatically tweets your post on your Twitter account once its published.
  • TweetMeme – Great plugin to easily encourage your posts/pages to get retweeted on Twitter – also shows some great stats.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Great way to keep your readers on your site and increase internal links to relevant posts.
  • Cookies for Comments – Matt Cutt’s not so secret plugin along with Akismet to prevent bot comment spam from devaluing & infesting your site.
  • Wptouch iPhone (ANDROID) Theme – Automatically presents your site in a mobile friendly format when viewed on the iPhone or Android device.

Right now the popular SEO theme is Thesis which is used by Matt Cutts, Michael Gray, Rhea Hoffman, among others in the Internet Marketing space as its a great theme if you can’t or just don’t want to code.

Thesis has a lot of the SEO structure inherent within the theme so you would not need the All in One SEO Pack but to really reduce your coding I would highly recommend adding the Thesis OpenHook plugin.

I will be speaking more on SEO for WordPress at WordCamp LA on September 12th after which I will be speaking at SMX East & PubCon.

Michael Martin is the SEO Director of Project Management at Internet Marketing Inc. – – based out of San Diego, California. Michael graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a Computer Engineering degree and a minor in German before quickly entering the IT Project Management field in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Michael Martin PMP
Michael Martin PMP is the owner of Mobile Martin based out of San Diego, California & speaker at multiple SMX, SES & PubCon Internet Marketing... Read Full Bio
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  • Chris Monty

    Excellent post. I’ve never tried Thesis, but I live and die by the All-in-One SEO and Google XML Sitemap plugins. I also prefer the “Redirection” plugin.

    • pandiyarajan

      you must checkout the comments for cookies which is recently discussed by matt cutt is also useful to avoid the spam.

      • Michael Martin


        That plugin was on my list 🙂

        ,Michael Martin

  • MOGmartin

    one of my new favourites is the Fuzzy SEO Booster:

    it adds long tail search queries to each post/page on your site, and builds long tail traffic on autopilot. Only had it a week, but a dozen or so of my serps have increased.

    • Michael Martin

      Thats an interesting approach with that plugin which you could then take it a step further with the auto internal link building tool – – from Gab Goldenberg of SEO ROI out of my favorite city – Montreal.

      I just hard code my internal links as I prefer not to go all Wikipedia on my sites. 🙂

      ,Michael Martin

      • Chuck Reynolds

        and I’d not recommend normal users to automate their internal linking as most will go overboard and will just have negative effects. Kind of like giving a big nuke to a pissed off teenager 🙂

  • Trendy Wordpress Themes

    Good round-up of plugins

  • madsurfer

    Nice summary of plugins. I also use Headspace2 very frequently. It seems a bit more flexible than All in one SEO Pack. The configuration is a bit more complex. Why do you prefer All in one SEO pack?

    • Michael Martin


      Headspace2 looks pretty impressive and more robust.

      I think you hit on the main reason to go with the All in One SEO Pack as its more intuitive & simple.

      When presenting SEO to the public – beginner to advanced – I try to apply the KISS strategy 🙂 as I posted way back on Michael Gray’s site –

      ,Michael Martin

    • Chuck Reynolds

      as far as I remember when using Headspace is it was very configurable but definitely NOT for most people. The initial setup was/is far too much of a hassle for almost anybody that’s not an A.D.D.’d out SEO but if that’s what you like… it’s all for you

  • Alex

    Nice list, I would like to point out that you can hard code related posts without using a plugin. There is a snippet that works with the Ultimate Tag Warrior fin plugin. Cheers

    • Michael Martin


      I generally hard code it in myself as well 😉

      ,Michael Martin

  • David

    Great post:

    As a result of reading your post I have installed YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) on our blog – which is run on Thesis.

    Thesis theme is the only WordPress theme I have paid for. I used K2 for a long while, but the ease with which I can do things with Thesis OpenHook makes Thesis a choice I would make again in a flash.

    See YARPP in action at: QuillcardsBlog

    • Michael Martin


      I like YARPP over other related post plugins I have previously used.

      Thesis is a well setup theme as I use it for one of my sites, but overall I like to directly code myself to tweak the code even further than what it inherently allows although using OpenHook goes a long way.

      ,Michael Martin

  • Gerald Weber

    I’m already using most of these but I wasn’t aware of the WP touch mobile plugin. I’m going to check that out now. 😉

    • Michael Martin


      That plugin allows the best way to represent your site for mobile users as it detects the user agent rather than duplicating your site in a mobile version on a subdomain or another domain.

      ,Michael Martin

  • Sandy

    All in One SEO is getting bad reviews on the boards. They are saying producing errors and isn’t the plug in it used to be. Anyone else having this issue? I don’t want to install anything that will cause issues. My blog is pretty new, don’t want to be chasing away viewers lol 🙂

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    I abandoned All In One SEO a while back – it was misbehaving fiercely. I’ve been using the “Add Meta Tags” plugin since then – it’s a lot less functional but behaves as it should.

    Other plugins I use not mentioned and recommend: Feedburner Feedsmith, RSS footer, and SocioFluid.

    I hadn’t considered the YARPP before – or the WPtouch – will add them to my check-out list!

  • Sandy

    Is Headspace2 intuitive, or do you have to hand code all the meta info?

  • seriocomic

    I gave up on All-in-one-SEO a while ago in favor of the similar Platinum SEO Pack plugin…a worthy alternative.

    • pandiyarajan

      we have tried platinum SEO Pack plugin which is a good replacement for All-in-one plugin because it provides the noindex, nofollow for each post which is not available in the All-in-One plugin.

    • Chuck Reynolds

      Platinum has been a bad patchwork of a few different features of different plugins, slow to update and does nothing that All-In-One-SEO. And @Pandiyarajan AIOSEO does that noindex, nofollow as well

  • bob

    One of the biggest challenges in SEO is the ongoing lack of recognition it plays in getting traffic to your Web site.Thanks for these wonderful tips. I shall work hard to increase traffic to my website using some of your techniques

  • Docran

    The platinum SEO pack also help you redirect 301 for any permalink change, so you don’t need another plugin for redirecting.

  • gudipudi

    platinum plugin is too good…

  • Gunjan

    Nice post!
    Interesting !

  • Gunjan

    But are these plugins available for wordpress. COM or .ORG?

    • Michael Martin

      This is for self-hosting the WordPress site on your own domain so

      I would ALWAYS recommend doing this than piggybacking your site on

      ,Michael Martin

  • Nemesh

    Great article. As a web developer, I always encounter a situation where my clients want to accept appointments on their blogs and found this great plugin which also supports integrations with Google calendar. My clients are loving it. Its a great plugin.

    See one of our clients site here with this plugin:

    You can get this plugin from here:

    I hope it might help few of you.


    • Michael Martin


      Thats a pretty kool plugin – I may have to use that one 🙂

      ,Michael Martin

  • Chad

    Anyone know where I can find a comprehensive SEO list like this for blogs?


  • Kate Morris

    Trying out WPTouch. Thanks Mike.

    • Michael Martin


      Now you have to get an Android phone as you don’t want your iPhone exploding as you use it during your 5 PubCon sessions 😉

      ,Michael Martin

  • Michael

    I use most of those. One I like is called comment luv. Good way to get people to leave comments as they get a link back.

    • Michael Martin

      I used that when it first came out but it went through a buggy stage and then seemed a bit cheesy and lose its value IMHO.

      ,Michael Martin

  • Mike


    How do you feel about “broken link checker”? I do not use it but I hear is works well.

    • Michael Martin


      I personally prefer using Xenu along w Google Webmaster Tools to resolve both internal and external broken links.

      ,Michael Martin

  • Video Klipler

    thanks for the info. i take ;

    1-Google XML Sitemap

    2-Post Related

    3-All in One SEO

    4-Permalink Redirect (very important)

  • junaebah

    Great post, I found it useful information on this site…thanks

  • Robert White

    Great list – I am working on setting up our new wp blog now and I almost installed the All in One pack – I’m going to try you recommendations out!

  • Sam Thomas

    Great post, it is always great to find out about more and more plugins, i realy like WordTwit will give it a good run! 🙂

  • klip izle

    nice article… i take 1-Google XML Sitemap 2-Post Related 3-All in One SEO

  • Tony

    Thanks for the roundup here. I also like RSS Cloud, SEO Smart Links and Simple Tags for WP plugins.

  • Nina Anthony

    I’m in the process of migrating a custom CMS site over to WordPress as a CMS and I’d like to include a calendar. Are there any WP calendar plugins that are SEO-friendly/indexable “out of the box”? I’ve been looking at an Ajax-based one that gives the option to view the calendar as a monthly calendar visual or as a list, but I’ve always heard that AJAX isn’t indexable w/out some custom coding. Is that still the case, and, if so, can anyone either recommend a good plugin or share the source code for making AJAX easily indexable (is that a word?!) Thanks in advance.

    • Legrand

      Nina- any luck on the SEO friendly calendar plugin? the ideal would be one that combines long tail keywords and tags with each event listing.

  • Eric Itzkowitz

    My new favorite plug-in has to be the Thesis OpenHook plugin. Just awesome!

  • mdpatrick

    Hey Michael! Thanks for the comment. I do see a little overlap in the plugins, and also spotted a few here that I might find useful. Hope everythings going great! Take it easy.

  • best automotive

    i use
    platinum seo pack
    xml sitemap
    related post (YARPP)
    seo smart links

    but not optimal..
    because not yet know how to correct settings
    Can you give an explanation if the plugin is good enough

  • best automotive

    i use
    platinum seo pack
    xml sitemap
    related post (YARPP)
    seo smart links

    but not optimal..
    because not yet know how to correct settings
    Can you give an explanation if the plugin is good enough

  • fadhi

    Great list – I am working on setting up our new wp blog now and I almost installed the All in One pack – I’m going to try you recommendations out! thanks for that again