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Pinterest Search Gets Smarter, Delivers Results Based on Gender

There’s nothing worse than searching for a new pair of kicks on Pinterest, and having to sift through pins of high heels when you really want a glimpse of the latest Jordan’s — am I right guys?

When you’re a male on Pinterest, the search results can be a difficult place to navigate at times due to the fact that 71% of US visitors are women.

Now Pinterest search is getting smarter, the company states in an announcement, with enhancements to Guided Search that will allow you to filter search results by gender.

These types of customized search results will appear for thousands of different search terms — Pinterest gives the examples of watches, hair, shoes, and health as terms that will yield better results going forward.

If you’re still not getting the results you’re looking for, Pinterest reminds you to make sure you have indicated your preferred gender in your account settings.

As mentioned previously, Pinterest’s user base is largely female, but TechCrunch reports that men account for a third of new signups. In 2014, the number of male users in the US grew by 73%.

The fact that Pinterest is seen as being geared more towards women is said to be among the reasons user engagement on Pinterest is on the decline. A new report indicates Pinterest’s share of referral traffic has hit a plateau — if an improved search function helps more people find what they’re looking for we could see this number going up again.

More Pinterest improvements are said to be on the way soon.

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Pinterest Search Gets Smarter, Delivers Results Based on Gender

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