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Pinterest Rolls Out a Suite of New Video Tools

Pinterest Rolls Out a Suite of New Video Tools

Pinterest is rolling out a new set of tools to help businesses keep up with the rising demand for video content.

According to Pinterest, searches for “inspirational videos” have increased 31% since last year.

The company notes that users also go to the platform looking for how-to videos, tutorials, and brand stories.

To help businesses satisfy this demand, Pinterest is introducing new video features that include:

  • An improved uploader: To seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest.
  • A video tab: To allow brands to feature all their videos in one place.
  • Lifetime analytics: To get insights into the performance of a video over time.
  • Pin scheduling: Businesses and creators can now also schedule video content in advance.

Pinterest Rolls Out a Suite of New Video Tools

For businesses and creators looking to capitalize on trending video searches, Pinterest highlighted what is currently rising in popularity.

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Trending video searches on Pinterest currently include:

  • Overnight oats videos (up 3712%)
  • Lasagna recipe videos (up 3462%)
  • Makeup tutorial videos (up 2063%)
  • Hair dye videos (up 276%)
  • Curling hair with flat iron videos (up 129%)

The updates are available for business accounts in all English-speaking countries, and will eventually roll out to creators worldwide.


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