Pinterest Messaging Arrives, Send Private Messages With Other Pinterest Users

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Over two million pins are sent out every day, Pinterest said in an announcement. In an effort to get more conversations started around those pins, Pinterest is introducing Pinterest Messaging.

Now when someone sends you a pin you will be able to reply with a message, or send that person a pin back. Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:

In addition, Pinterest has also added the ability to send pins and messages to groups of people. If you’re organizing a camping trip with friends, for example, you can send pins and messages to the whole group with suggestions of places to go and meals to make etc. You will be able to view your messaging history in your notifications.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating what you can do with Pinterest’s group messaging:

Pinterest Messages works on the desktop, but the experience is a little clunky. On desktop, you won’t even know you received a message unless you get the email notification. Then once you get the email you have to go to the site to respond to the message.

Unless you have Pinterest open often, you’re going to end up missing a lot of messages on desktop. It’s certainly not seamless, which makes it feel like this messages update was designed primarily for mobile.

There’s a lot of potential with Pinterest Messages, I can see being very useful for creative teams collaborating on a project. Do you see yourself using this new feature? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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Matt Southern
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  • Rank Watch

    Pinterest Messaging seems to be a good step in creating out more conversation around the site and increasing the time on spent on the site. I feel that this would encourage more user conversations and could be a handy tool moving forward.

  • Shirley

    Do you need to be on Facebook with the pinner you message? If the pinner you are messaging is not a friend on Facebook, or if they have blocked you, will they/can they still receive a text via Pinterest messaging?

  • Clark

    I can see where being able to see your message history would be valuable for collaborative projects, but you should have the ability to permanently delete them if you wish – from both a personal preference and efficiency standpoint. I notice right now that, even when I “delete” the message, the next time I share a pin with that user (or they share with me), the entire pin history and conversation appears. I would think it wouldn’t be that hard to feature a “close conversation” and/or “permanently delete” feature that warns the user that the conversation and pins will not be retrievable.

  • victor

    i can see how it would help creative groups like designers focusing on mood boards or something. i’m sure it will be mildly useful like twitter direct messaging — not a focus, but another feature.