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Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Multiple Products in a Single Ad

Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Multiple Products in a Single Ad

Pinterest has introduced a new ad format, which lets businesses promote up to 5 different products in a single advertisement.

Pinterest’s new “Promoted Carousel” lets advertisers include 5 images in one ad unit.

Of course, a Promoted Carousel could also be used to display 5 images of the same product, but businesses will likely get more mileage out of displaying different products.

As the company explains, this new ad format can be an effective way to raise brand awareness and drive performance goals like traffic and conversions.

“This format can present a product’s numerous features, drive additional purchases by showing multiple items in a Pin or increase awareness with a multi-image brand story.”

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Each slide within a Promoted Carousel can have its own:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Description
  • Landing page

The carousel gets displayed in users’ feeds just like any other pin.

Users can swipe through the carousel while it’s displayed in the feed, and tap on an individual card to enlarge the image and view the landing page.

Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Multiple Products in a Single Ad

Brands who have had early access to Promoted Carousels are reporting results such as:

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  • Lifts in brand awareness
  • Lifts in ad awareness and association
  • Improved ad performance
  • Three-times engagement rates

Promoted Carousels are now available for all business accounts in all of Pinterest’s ad markets.


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