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Pinterest Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Pinterest Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Pinterest is making hundreds of millions of pins more shoppable with links that go directly to the retailer’s product page.

The new product pins will include current pricing and indicate whether or not the item is in stock.

Pinterest Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

A shopping tag icon will indicate the item is in stock, which users can tap on to make an immediate purchase or learn more about the product.

Pinterest Wants to Be The Social Network for Shopping

Pinterest’s vision for its platform is to make it possible for users to buy anything they see in pins, the company says:

“When you see something on Pinterest you’d like to own you should be able to buy it, or something just like it, that matches your unique style.”

Users can discover new products in the new shopping recommendations section, which is located beneath the Style and Home pins.

Users who visit Pinterest specifically for the purpose of shopping take advantage of the new shopping shortcut.

The new shopping shortcut makes it possible to shop right from the home feed by holding down on any Home and Style pin and tapping the shopping tag.

A feed will then be displayed with related product pins that are currently in-stock.

Pinterest Introduces New Product Pins and Shopping Recommendations

Product pins are now more discoverable, showing up in the home feed and search results, which is a good thing for retailers.

Now that product pins are featured everywhere, they will be replacing the old ‘buyable pins’ format.

Pinterest has been testing these new shopping features throughout the past quarter, which had led to a 40 percent increase in clicks on products.

New product pins are rolling out worldwide across mobile apps and The shopping recommendations section currently only available in the US.


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